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Who are BRAWE people? 

BRAWE people are young artists who are overwhelmed by the structural oppression of the patriarchal society, are keen to learn and discuss the power relations that create and reinforce it, and curious about exploring methods of expression in collective action.

BRAWE people are Aware, Angry, Bold, demanding Equality and eager for Change! 





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If you are a young artist working  in the field of contemporary art,  involved in feminism pissed off by the structural oppression of patriarchal society and inclined towards collective work action, we invite you to join be Brawe BRAWE!

A joint project between Turkey and Hungary, BRAWE, will take place simultaneously in two cities, Eskişehir and Budapest, and will bring artists, scholars and activists together for experimentation and collective work.
BRAWE will collectively select a group of young artists to participate in various seminars and workshops throughout the project duration for seven months including six labs in each city and an international artist camp in Turkey. Focusing on the diversity of approaches to feminist discussions, BRAWE offers tools and arguments for young artists to create art projects with local and international collaborators. In the final stage of the project, participants will organize an exhibition at the Bankito Festival which will take place in Hungary, in July 2022.



  Who can apply? 

  • Young artists (18-25 years old) working in the fields of contemporary art and engaged in developing feminist art practices 

  • Applicants must be available to attend the labs program 

   For application:

  • Motivation letter: Tell us who you are and why you want to participate (500 words max)

  • Attach your CV (including relevant professional experience,English proficiency level)

  • Portfolio (work samples, photos, drafts or other images in a pdf format / links if not applicable)

  • Create one PDF document for your CV, Motivation letter and Portfolio. Please title the document as follows: Lastname_Firstname_City.pdf (max size 15 MB)


Deadline for application:
8 January 2022




VAHA (meaning “oasis” in Turkish) is a two-year programme made with and for the empowered voices of independent arts and culture spaces, advocating for public discussion and dialogue in cities across Turkey, Europe, and their neighbouring countries. Bringing together the diversity of hybrid spaces and contextual responses to the crises of democracy the regions are currently facing, VAHA explores the power of learning from local practices to develop tailor-made support for platforms of free expression and cultural programming.

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The Auróra Community and Cultural Center is a social enterprise which was created to connect cultural programs and grassroot organisations work, community building and fun in an open community. We are committed to forming a stable base, where individual actors, creative groups and non-profit organisations could meet, share their ideas and collaborate with each other on new initiatives. One of the most important goals of the Auróra project is the strengthening of the cultural sector, inspiring cooperation among the organizations and to provide them publicity. 



Eldem Art Space is an Eskişehir-based contemporary art platform. As a non-profit organization, we host group and solo exhibitions, organize seminars and artist talks, and put emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations. Our program focuses on pressing societal issues observed through the lens of the artists, curators, collectives, designers and researchers we work with. Eldem Art Space, located in the Historical Odunpazarı region of Eskişehir, offers two separate exhibition spaces. While the historical Dalyancı Mansion provides space for alternative curatorial practices, FIRIN is used as an artist-led project space where artists realize their projects without censorship. 




Bánkitó Festival is an underground music and cultural festival with a strong social focus. It is a widely recognised small-sized festival in Hungary in the middle of July, situated nearby a beautiful countryside lake called Bánki-tó. Its program is a unique selection of national and international music, contemporary independent theatre, arts, and civic/cultural programs. It creates an open public space, invites and gives visibility to NGOs, creates social debate and a strong community. Each year an important issue is chosen as the central topic for the festival that reacts on current social and political tendencies. Its goal is to shape cultural and artistic trends in the country and to create a community that is open to discussions of current social and political issues.




Yort Books is an Eskişehir-based publishing house established by an Academic for Peace who lost his job in 2017. All translation, edition, design and publishing processes are pursued with the support of a small group of ex-academics, academics and friends. Yort’s list includes contemporary thought, cinema theory, new media critique, and literature.




is a creative collective of four with the aim to support young artists. Its umbrella activity includes event and program organization, cultural application, branding and concept creation, PR and communication. The main idea is that interactive entertainment is the best way to connect and engage people.
Reflecting on current issues with its themes and concepts.
Collaborating with and setting up collaborations between artists from various fields.
Discovering the same questions from various points of views.


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